Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


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Začiatok Koniec Typ Organizátor Názov Mesto konania
10.3.2015,10:00 12.3.2015,18:00 Lapland Chamber of Commerce The 6th Arctic Business Forum Rovaniemi
13.4.2015,9:00 15.4.2015,17:00 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials – HIGHLIGHTS FROM EUROPE AND ASIA Kolín nad Rýnom
3.3.2015,09:00 4.3.2015,17:00 Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Workshop on ‚Negotiating effectively in English‘ for Horizon 2020 and other EU projects Karlsruhe
3.2.2015,9:00 3.2.2015,17:00 Clean Sky JU, the ASTech Aerospace Cluster, the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers Clean Sky 2 – Info Days Paríž
3.2.2015,9:00 3.2.2015,17:00 How to produce a winning proposal in Horizon 2020 Hamburg
29.4.2015,09:00 29.4.2015,17:00 The 5th General Assembly of the European Smartgrids Technology Platform Brusel
11.2.2015,10:00 11.2.2015,18:00 Critical Raw Materials Innovation Network 3rd Strategic Innovation Network Workshop for substitution of Critical Raw Materials Brusel
17.3.2015,09:00 19.3.2015,17:00 ASEAN-EU STI Days Paríž
5.5.2015,14:26 7.5.2015,14:26 EIT Innovation Forum INNOVEIT 2015 Budapešť
5.2.2015,09:00 5.2.2015,17:00 The two sides of brain circulation – international and intersectoral mobility Viedeň