Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


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Začiatok Koniec Typ Organizátor Názov Mesto konania
26.2.2015,10:30 26.2.2015,14:30 SMEs in the Digital Single Market: Creating growth in Europe Brusel
24.2.2015,16:00 24.2.2015,18:00 From open science to open innovation. How to get more jobs and growth from EU science investments Brusel
24.2.2015,10:00 24.2.2015,18:00 Európska komisia (DG CONNECT) #Digital4EU Stakeholder Forum Brusel
19.3.2015,10:00 20.3.2015,18:00 Cluj Innovation Days 2015 Cluj-Napoca/Kluž
15.6.2015,10:00 19.6.2015,18:00 EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015 Brusel
27.2.2015,9:00 27.2.2015,16:30 Bringing urban electric mobility to the next level Brusel
9.3.2015,10:00 10.3.2015,18:00 European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing Brusel
25.3.2015,10:00 26.3.2015,17:00 European Climate Research Alliance The European Climate Research Alliance – General Assembly: New Knowledge for risk reduction Brusel
16.3.2015,10:00 18.3.2015,15:40 Global science conference on climate-smart agriculture 2015 Montpellier
10.3.2015,10:00 12.3.2015,18:00 Lapland Chamber of Commerce The 6th Arctic Business Forum Rovaniemi