Styčná kancelária SR pre výskum a vývoj v Bruseli


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Začiatok Koniec Typ Organizátor Názov Mesto konania
30.4.2015,08:30 30.4.2015,16:30 European Energy Research Alliance 5th EERA Annual congress 2015 Brusel
5.5.2015,09:00 5.5.2015,13:00 Mission of Norway to the European Union Lighting The Way For Smart Cities – Lessons Learned From The EU’s Lighthouse Projects Brusel
15.7.2015,00:00 17.7.2015,00:00 QualityNano final event Heraklion
9.4.2015,15:00 9.4.2015,16:30 ERA-Can+ Webinar for Europeans on programs by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Ottawa
22.4.2015,09:30 23.4.2015,17:30 FEHRL Infrastructure Research Meeting FIRM15: Innovative Maintenance of Transport Infrastructure Brusel
21.4.2015,09:00 21.4.2015,16:00 Project Management and Administration in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Helsinki
1.6.2015,08:30 4.6.2015,16:45 The European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE) Viedeň
21.10.2015,00:00 23.10.2015,00:00 Understanding Small Enterprises (USE2015) Conference Groningen
11.5.2015,08:30 12.5.2015,16:00 YEAR Annual Conference 2015 Helsinki/Espoo
6.10.2015,08:00 6.10.2015,18:00 EU Brokerage Event on Key Enabling Technologies in Horizon 2020 Štrasburg