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Začiatok Koniec Typ Organizátor Názov Mesto konania
10.07.2023 28.07.2023 Letná škola The Institute for Language and Preparatory Studies for Foreigners and Compatriots (ILPS) Summer university of Slovak language and culture 2023 Bratislava
V4 Conference on Cyber Issues
Šafárik University meets Brussels
V4 Conference 2022: Benefits and challenges of participation in co-funded partnerships with a thematic focus on Cluster 6
Webinar & Networking Event “Societal Transformations in the Digital Age”
Webinar “Gender equality in European Research, Innovation and Higher Education”
SLORD, CZELO, NRDIO, PolSCA Information event on hydrogen with and for Visegrad Four countries: Searching for synergies
13.12.2021,14:00 13.12.2021,16:30 Brokerage event PolSCA, NRDIO, SLORD, CZELO Networking Event: Earth Observation – Funding opportunities under Horizon Europe